Gordon Construction Company

Establish Your Budget

Budgeting for your home will help in the process of managing your desires, your needs, and your finances. Having your builder involved early on in the budgeting process will establish realistic projections to maximize your buying power. Keeping your budget in check will help to keep the project running smoothly. Be realistic about your budget and allow your builder and architect to work with you to provide expertise in establishing that budget.

At Gordon Construction, one of our staff members will meet with you to discuss your dreams, your projected needs, and your preferences for your new home. If you own your property at that time, we will view the property and provide cost projections for developing the specific site. If you are considering the purchase of a specific parcel, we can help evaluate the property prior to the purchase.

Site development costs can vary drastically from parcel to parcel. One must consider costs related to the supply of utilities such as water, power, telephone, natural gas, sewer or septic, etcetera. Access, clearing, road building, grading, contouring, excavating, backfilling, and import or export of earthen materials are all real costs that will affect the overall budget.

Once the property site development costs have been evaluated, the building size, building layout, and desired building finishes will need to be discussed. We will take the available information and provide a projected budget. That overall budget should be carefully considered in view of financial planning. Should adjustments to the budget be necessary to meet your comfort level, we will work through the various phases of the budget to make adjustment recommendations.